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Alexa web Inc. Is a subsidiary of Amazon.Com; a company that is based in California, america. Alexa makes a speciality of commercial net site visitors knowledge. It presents web users with a free toolbar given that the mid-1997, so the person has speedy entry to web instruments in his browser. Particularly, the toolbar supplies data about which web sites the person visits; and on the grounds that there are already millions of customers with the toolbar global, Alexa can then determine the popularity of a internet site as well as its rivals.

It is principal for website homeowners and bloggers to know their Alexa rating considering the fact that it indicates what number of visitors have seen their net page. It offers them a clear thought of how fashionable their website is on the net and the rating of their competitors.

The Alexa visitors ranking is centered on a three-month interval of the traffic information gathered from its toolbars. It comes totally free on a website and in addition supplies periodic stories of essentially the most fashionable web sites.